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Meta has been defining the field of Augmented Reality (AR) since the company’s inception in 2012. It exploded into the marketplace with the first see-through glasses that allowed wearers to move and manipulate 3D content intuitively, using natural hand interactions. With its new Meta 2 headset, Meta is once again setting the market standard and delivering a new generation of natural machines that will become a healthy, vital extension of who we are.


“White Label” Enterprise VR OTT Media Player solution for mobile VR, enabling businesses, brands and organizations to extend/expand their online video offering to the VIrtual Reality, supporting 2D, 3D and 360-degree formants, Live and On-Demand. Video streams can be consolidated from YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove and other OTT platforms.


We are a 3D-360 Video company with products and services which can help you navigate the waters of this new industry!


SUBPAC is sound you can FEEL. A revolutionary audio technology company, SUBPAC is bringing the FEELING of music and sound to the world. A new category of audio hardware, our Physical-Sound® technology profoundly enhances the traditional media experience by allowing users to actually FEEL sound throughout their body. SubPac is used by DJ’s and musicians, gamers, virtual reality developers, film aficionados and pro athletes, all of them looking to add an extra layer of visceral impact and immersion to the art forms that inspire them. Partners include music super producer Timbaland, NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving, Google tech legend Andy Rubin alongside many other renowned innovators in culture and technology.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology. Leap Motion’s unprecedented hand tracking lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. The company is currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.


Bringing reality into virtual reality with robots


VRCommerce – E-Commerce platform for Virtual Reality. We are like “Shopify of VR”. Using VRCommerce platform retailers can launch virtual reality store to sell products in VR. There are two kind of VR stores retailers can launch – Complete Virtual Store and 360 photo store. We are bay area based startup.


TheWave is a VR creation platform for aspiring­to­professional electronic musicians,
enabling them to host shows for the millions of electronic music fans world wide from
anywhere, at any time, to as many fans as they want. By democratizing live music,
TheWave will disrupt and revitalize the lagging music industry. Think of it as VR
Spotify meets Twitch.

Baobab Studios

Baobab is a VR animation studio: We inspire you to dream, through enchanting stories and characters that you fall in love with.


Vrvana are the makers of Totem, the only fully immersive Mixed Reality headset that can do both VR & AR at an impressive 120 degrees field of view.

Redrock Biometrics

Redrock Biometrics develops PalmID–the first touchless palm print authentication solution. PalmID is a perfect sign-in solution for VR and AR. It is 400X more secure than fingerprint and provides great user experience. Show your palm and you are in, easy and secure.

MyDream Interactive

MyDreamVR is a content creation platform where users can create and experience rich and immersive content. MyDreamVR = VR Platform + Creative Sandbox + Tower Defense Game



A vanguard organization set in the Silicon Valley, Cinequest’s uniqueness and impact result from being ahead of the curve in the powerful integration of creativity and technology. Cinequest fuses the world of the filmed arts with that of Silicon Valley’s innovation to empower youth, artists and innovators to create and connect – driving transformations and a better tomorrow.


SolitonReach is a wireless and drift free motion capture system which dynamically receives data for the position of body limbs such as: arms, hands, torso, legs and feet.



Virtual World Arcade

We are a VR Arcade in San Jose CA where people can run around and play VR games with their friends


Practically the lightest and slimmest VR glasses with 2k resolution in the world. with head tracking latency less than 20ms. Also VR HMD with build-in sensor and head tracking algorithms play with android smartphone between 5 – 6 inches.


V is a widget and utility platform that lets you take your favorite digital services like Slack, Spotify, and Youtube into any VR experience.

Evox Images

For over 20 years, Evox has been the pioneer and industry leader for innovative, high quality automotive images. We service over 17 Auto OEMs, +22k dealer sites, all 6 major dealer solutions providers, 8 top shopping portals and more. For nearly 3 years, Evox has been creating VR solutions to revolutionize the car shopping experience. Since January 2015, every car is produced for VR. Evox produced the MINI VR Films GearVR app and the successful GearVR app RelayCars. brings fascinating places from the real world 1:1 into Virtual Reality. By utilizing large scale photogrammetry and the power of modern game engines, offers unrivaled visual fidelity and unmatched performance for interactive, photorealistic VR experiences.

Artlord China

Artlord China is a VR storytelling studio Located in Beijing and Kaohsiung, we are working with some of the best talents and storytellers in the field to explore the endless possibilities of narrative virtual reality.

Vizor is a platform for creating, publishing and discovering VR on the Web. With an innovative interface designed for VR from the ground up, it’s a whole new way to create. Being Web native allows VR experiences to be shared on social media or embedded on sites and blogs in a way that fits into existing publishing systems. Everything is immediately multi-platform, and also works on the 2D web and mobile devices, so you can reach the widest possible audience.

VR Nerds

VR Nerds is a Hamburg based VR collective of enthusiast, creators and journalists with the showcase, serving the German speaking community. Their core product nearbyVR connects the scene worldwide to achieve quality VR experiences for everyone nearby. Next to innovative business solutions VR Nerds is working on the experimental VR project Lucid Trips, developing an alternative locomotion method named handwalking to float ‘n fly through virtual worlds beyond roomscale or teleportation.


SculptrVR is a virtual reality world builder for the HTC Vive. In SculptrVR, you can intuitively sculpt massive worlds with tiny details by teleporting and changing your scale.

Worlds you build are solid and interactive. And they can even be exported for 3D printing!

Block Interval

Block Interval is a scrappy startup of decentralized developers, storytellers, artists and musicians from around the globe. Our shared passion for art and VR brought us together to create human-centered, cinematic gaming experiences that surprise and delight our audiences. Together, we are building the next iconic stories, one block at a time.


EASE is the experience analytics intelligence engine designed from the ground up to drastically improve bi-directional, real time reactivity and evolution of immersive VAM (virtual-augmented-mixed) reality apps and IoT environments — through behavior, sensors and AI.


Reverie is a production company that creates limit pushing content for new media outlets. Currently, the company is focused on VR content and boasts a young but experienced team. Reverie offers in depth consultation and production assistance to companies interested in creating their own VR content. Here at SVVR, Reverie is proud to present AXIOM, our latest project. AXIOM is an entirely original user experience in which the participant’s actions will control the course that the experience takes.


VRCHIVE empowers people with the ability to share and relive their memories by taking photo-sharing into the virtual reality (VR) space via 360 degree screenshots.


SpaceSys is the Virtual Reality Computing Platform.

We enable users to control their whole operating system inside Virtual Reality.
Anyone in need of multiple displays benefits using SpaceSys as it allows having as many as you want inside VR environment.

SpaceSys not only boosts your productivity, but also cuts down costs of hardware, energy and manpower in enterprise.

Innervision VR

Thunderbird is an award-winning puzzle-based Virtual Reality adventure that transports you to a world of wonder where myths come true and legends become real right before your eyes.

Koncept VR / Freedom360

Koncept VR is a production division of Freedom360, makers of the original 360° video camera mount. We offer professional grade 360° video content production as well as VR (Virtual Reality) development for head-mounted displays. Our team consists of cinematographers, producers, sound engineers and VR developers. With over 4 years of expertise in panoramic video projection and 360° video hardware to immersive cinema, we deliver unparalleled quality content in the 360° video category.


Cappasity Inc. is a developer of software products letting retailers showcase their products in interactive 3D form on their websites, online stores and in virtual reality (VR).

Cappasity™, a cloud-based platform, is designed for seamless integration of 3D content into business processes: starting from creation of 3D models to their demonstration on websites, mobile and VR devices.


MakeVR is a fully immersive 3D content creation experience. Its natural style of interaction lets anyone, regardless of age or experience level, step into a virtual modeling environment and start building cool 3D objects and worlds on Day One. MakeVR was designed and developed from the ground up for full immersion. A pair of tracked controllers (STEM) and head-mounted display (Rift) give you a sense of presence that makes content creation a fun and engaging experience.

Good Yeti

VR Marketing platform consisting of promotional viewers, VR marketing tools and VR analytics.


izmocars is the market leader in producing Interactive media content for the automotive industry. Going beyond CGI and VR, we are working on creating complete new models of user engagement as a part of the sales process. Our core expertise in CGI and VR coupled with our domain knowledge in the automotive sector enables us to deliver complete solutions to our clients. izmocars is now presenting a “Virtual Retailing” concept for automotive – an immersive experience that will transform the way we make car buying decisions.


cognitiveVR provides 3D spatial analytics and user feedback tools for virtual and augmented reality. We enable organizations to quickly and easily display 1:1 replays, analysis, and aggregation of their users’ sessions on our web dashboard, as well as collect deep metrics on user behaviour and feedback.


WhirlwindVR builds Vortx, the first non-contact immersive speaker for VR. Imagine feeling the heat of a dragon’s breath or the impact of a grenade blast. Vortx controls airflow, temperature and pressure tied to your favorite games, experiences and videos. Feeling is believing!


GAUDIO LAB develops audio solutions for VR. Conventional 3D audio technology does not suit the VR media since the location information of the images and the sounds do not match. GAUDIO’s audio solution can locate the sound source anywhere (360 degrees) from the user’s stance according to the user’s movement. Products of GAUDIO – GAUDIO Workstation and GAUDIO Renderer – can be easily adopted to the conventional contents producing/consuming process and make users enjoy more immersive experiences.

Sixense Entertainment Inc

Founded in 2007, Sixense Entertainment, Inc. is a privately held company of developers, engineers, experts and enthusiasts in the virtual reality (VR), 3D modeling and entertainment, industries that share a passion for creating products that revolutionize the way we experience VR content. Sixense develops technology and software to deliver full-body “presence” in virtual reality for all head-mounted displays (both mobile and desktop).


Mimesys is the first holographic communication platform.
We provide a SDK to integrate easily life-scale conversation between holographic humans in any VR or AR project. Yeah, like Star Wars. Less blueish though.

Midas Touch Games

Midas Touch’s Physics Engine features the state of the art mechanical skeleton simulation engine, APEngine, and the biological creature simulation engine, ACEngine. APEngine and ACEngine combined will fuel the next generation of VR content populated with highly interactable and physically realistic virtual characters and complex machines.

Interactive Lab

Interactive Lab is a production house of interactive installations for marketing needs. The company has over 8 years of experience in different technological spheres and now is fully keen on virtual reality. After developing first VR cinema in Russia in 2015 Interactive Lab developed it’s first free roam VR project – MoveInVR. MoveInVR – is a way for people to achieve virtual wolds using all kinds of human’s motions: head rotates and walking. The more you can taste at SVVR…


Yeltic develops virtual reality experiences for training and education that place users in engaging and realistic VR environments to foster ludic learning or specific missions/objectives to develop specific competences or drive behavioral change.

Our simulators provide key benefits: full tracking of user activity, effective learning, and reduced costs compared to traditional education. Yeltic VR is ideal for job training in a wide range of industries: armed forces, healthcare, manufacturing.