Brad Herman

Brad Herman is the co-founder of SPACES Inc., a virtual and mixed-reality company. An independent company, SPACES grew out of Brad’s work as head of DreamWorks Animation’s DreamLab. At DreamWorks, Brad led a team that innovated new technologies to bring DreamWorks creations into mobile, virtual- and mixed-reality experiences. SPACES takes that groundbreaking innovation into new frontiers by combining the most cutting-edge technologies and platform expertise with creative vision and storytelling flair. Before founding DreamLab, Brad was a supervisor on such DreamWorks Animation productions as Kung Fu Panda 2, the Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special, Turbo and Monsters vs. Aliens. In his 16 years in animation, visual effects and gaming, Brad has also held positions at Digital Domain and also become a sought-after speaker, whose vision of virtual reality has anchored presentations at SVVR, Siggraph and FMX, among others.