Deepoon VR is one of the largest VR internet enterprises at present in China. It has world-class VR head-mounted displays for PC and mobile terminals, and its current domestic market share has reached 68%. Its 3D-BoBo is one of the largest VR content platforms with users reaching up to 10 million. Adhering to the principle of centering on user’s experience, it strives to produce the most popular wearable devices for users. Deepoon VR is established by the core persons of the first domestic wearable computer lab and the dreamers who are crazy about VR technology. Company employees include the top talents from Intel, ARM, Baidu, Tencent, Shanda, PPTV, etc. as well as the consultant team consisting of world famous scientists in the fields of wearable computing, VR, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.
Deepoon VR is engaged in the development of VR head-mounted displays and the construction of VR content platform. It’s also devoted to creating the VR ecology that takes the hardware system as its core, makes software content obtain the synchronous development, and integrates games, films and televisions, and other resources.