Geronimo Interactive

Geronimo Interactive Network Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in the end of 2014. The team members are mainly from the domestic and foreign well-known game companies, and has a number of successful game research and development experience. The company focuses on the host, VR and other types of game research and development work, and is committed to providing users with a richer game type and perfect gaming experience.
Since the founding of the company through team effort has developed “Pixel Gear” works, “Reborn” and “AR” cut the warriors. “Pixel Gear” PSVR has been on the line and has been well received at home and abroad of the game player, ranked in the North American and European sales are located in the forefront of the. Reborn has not yet been on the line has been highly concerned about the industry, and bring a lot of honor for the company. Three-in-one play combination will bring the repeated experience fun to game player, parry, real physical feedback, efficient dynamic cutting for immersive game player to bring a better experience, mobile special way without using any external hardware under the condition of the perfect solution to the problem of vertigo brought by VR and throw some mobile discontinuity. With the film into the sense of the story and the traditional action games in the industry to get a good sense of.
At present, the company has a number of patents related to the development of technology, the company will continue to uphold the user to provide a richer game type and perfect game experience this route continues to grow and develop.