Alpha VR

Creators of VR's Ultimate Social Interface. Alpha is the first real-time, non-camera based facial feature detection system for Virtual Reality. Leveraging the natural contact of HMDs, Alpha listens to muscle movements underneath the headset offering a complete picture for user facial features. Development Kits will be released Q3 2017.

VRAquarium 200px

Sorasu Software

Ultimate relaxation VR. I am developing an aquarium VR application based on Japanese culture.


First indie VR game developer in Japan since 2013. Won some awards in Japan too.


Comet360 provides high quality 360VR streaming through typical consumer bandwidths. Stability and quality are maintained in both highly fluctuating and low bandwidths. Comet360 technology yields infrastructure and distribution cost savings with its ability to get quality 360VR to the consumer using much less bandwidth. Comet360 achieves these results through its unique, patent-pending, Area of Interest technology as well as unique multilevel encoding and variable bit-rate capabilities.



OptiTrack has established itself as the worldwide leader in 3D tracking systems by delivering the very best in 3D precision, low latency output, easy to use workflows, and a host of developer tools. Serving primary markets in Virtual Reality (VR) tracking, drone and ground robot tracking, movement science studies, and character animation for film and games, it remains the favorite solution for academia and professional teams whose tracking requirements are the most demanding in the world.


MyDream Interactive, Inc.

MyDreamVR is a VR studio focused on making immersive experiences, games and software.


meleap inc.

Meleap inc. is an entertainment start-up founded in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. Our product, HADO, is the combination of motion sensor, smartphone, AR tech, and sports that create a whole new experience that we call Techno Sports.


Mint Muse, Inc.

Mint Muse Sound Flare is a new digital audio workstation (DAW) built from the ground up for mixing 3D spatial audio in VR. Its intuitive design enables fast audio production in VR.


DWANGO Co., Ltd.

DWANGO Co., Ltd. is a network entertainment company. Our mission is to develop and launch next-generation network communication technology for the entertainment business initially focused on games and music.
We're planning to demonstrate AR live system by the virtual character.


ForgeVision Inc.

Entrusted VR developer of software. 360 Player, Storytelling, Prototype etc.

Aimi Sekiguchi

VR Painting Artist. VR Live painting performance.


A Manga publisher in Japan venturing into the exciting space of virtual reality with cinematic and story-based experiences.



We enhance VR experiences with the sense of smell.


Developing VR tools to support content creators in building better VR worlds and experiences.


Synamon Inc.

With our service "Neutrans", we are aiming to build an online VR community.



Our goal is to create a future that enriches people's lives and brings happiness through AR and VR technology. "Make it happen."


Varjo Technologies

Varjo is reinventing computing by merging the digital world with the analog reality around us.


Imex Media

RIFF.TVR | Platform enabling artists, labels and content creators to bring popular music into CGI-based VR music experiences for Home and Arcade markets.


Gala360 – See the World

Gala360 takes you to awesome adventures around the world. Our photographers capture their trips in top quality 6k resolution 360 photos with DSLR so you can come to awesome places and events with us. From from Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, from USS Midway to San Francisco Carnival, enjoy interesting stories in Gala360.






KYOTO VR is documenting and spreading the beauty of Kyoto to the world through true-to-life recreations of the city’s most beautiful and sacred spaces in immersive virtual environments


Alcacruz, Inc.

Alcacruz, Inc. is the company who enable you to watch 6K VR content over wireless streaming. with our technology, you can enjoy the high resolution VR content using your phone with any VR HMD. With our SuperStrem technology, it will reduce the bandwidth cost up to 70%.



`Altar's mission is to build Augmented Memory with AR/VR. Our first step, and product, called Altar Show, is a VR collaboration tool for brainstorming, note-taking, and organization that leverages 3D space to help you express and represent ideas more naturally than any existing tool or platform. Show is like Evernote meets Skype meets Omnigraffle meets VR.


Solus Games

Demon Grade is a rogue-like VR FPS featuring locomotion (nausea free), rich graphics, and RPG progression. The player must explore dynamically generated levels while defeating enemies and improving their natural and supernatural abilities.



The VR-GO is a new kind of seated locomotion device for hands free movement within VR. Simply by tilting in the direction you wish you travel you move in that direction in the virtual world. A low latency Bluetooth connection pairs to both PC and mobile HMDs across all platforms and delivers a intuitive solution to the VR movement problem.


uSens Inc.

uSens Inc. creates intuitive 3D HCI solutions for ARVR. As a domain expert in 3D graphics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, uSens is one of the first companies to provide inside-out, 26 DOF hand, 6 DOF head tracking, and mixed reality for both mobile and tethered ARVR systems, allowing end users to immerse themselves in the most naturally interactive digital experience.


Rebuff Reality

VR accessories & content.



We are dedicated to create a perfect virtual interaction system, So that clients could use VR devices to access multiple survices Including entertainment、communication、medical service and so on We have some cutting-edge vr film production equipments. These equipments are based on a new tech called All Terrain VR Filming Technology. Now, we have self-stablized equipment that can be uesd in both recording and live stream, we too have unmanned aerial camera and first person headset camera.

Shanghai Lindu Network & Technology Co., Ltd.


Visbit Inc.

Based in Silicon Valley, Visbit, Inc. is a visual technology company enabling 360-degree video and VR content creators to deliver the highest quality streaming and viewing experiences to consumers across multiple VR platforms. With the patented Visbit View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology, Visbit is the first to offer a streaming service that can deliver and play 360-degree VR videos without noticeable latency in 4-8K resolution over regular Wi-Fi and LTE across VR platforms.



ATCARTA is doing business for spatially accurate virtual reality for real estate. Atcarta scans indoor space very quickly by free walking for any size of property. You can see realistic floor-plan. You can feel actual space size, distance and ceiling height. Also you can walk around anywhere as you are there in our spatial virtual reality.



NOYS VR is a universe full of fantasy worlds where you can meet each other and your favorite artists by using virtual reality. Musicians can make their dreams come true while playing on fantasy stages, which they can create on their own.


Steel Wool Studios

Exhibiting Demos for our 2 latest Vive titles, Bounce and Mars Odyssey.


GREW Creative Lab

ExGREW Creative Lab Grew Creative Lab is Korea’s first-generation VR company that has produced and serviced VR motion sickness analyzer. It has been recognized both domestically and internationally for its world-class VR motion sickness analysis solution.

MOSKIT Score motion sickness threats & Visualize motion sickness details in VR game.

AVCMatcher Reduce simulator sickness due to eye-fatigue.


Leading Role

Leading Role is focused on bringing narrative experiences and dynamic gameplay to virtual reality.


Leopoly VR

Digital asset creation and product customization software for consumers and white label business applications.



VRAVO! the first virtual tele-presentations platform.


Boris FX / Imagineer

Mocha VR is a groundbreaking new tool bringing high-end visual effects and post-production workflows to cinematic 360° VR filmmaking. Based on Mocha's Academy Award-winning planar tracking, Mocha VR brings native 360 optimized motion tracking, masking, object removal and horizon stabilization tools to the following host applications: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Avid Media Composer, The Foundry’s Nuke and Blackmagic Design Fusion. For more info, visit


Go Touch VR

Go Touch VR presents VR Touch, a wearable ring that creates a real contact under the user’s fingers. The coupling of virtual and real contact generates in the user the illusion of touching a real object in VR. VR Touch has a direct application for training CAD or Virtual Desktops systems, it features advanced haptics algorithms, inertial tracking and leap motion compatibility. Go Touch VR is an innovation design company made by haptic experts designing solutions for VR.



Eye Tracking in VR & PC Gaming.


Prosper VR

Prosper VR is a content studio and production company that specializes in Virtual Reality content. Makers of the Rig Rover and other stabilization options for VR cameras, Prosper VR offers the smoothest possible way to move a VR camera today on the ground or in the air.



Mobile VR social platform.

Immersive Technology Conference

The Immersive Technology Conference is a technology conference created with the goal of introducing and inspiring businesses to integrate Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality solutions into their workflows. Exhibitors and talks from 2016 included industry leaders in Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Architecture, Medicine, and Education among others.


Redrock Biometrics

Redrock Biometrics develops PalmID--the first touchless palm print authentication solution. PalmID is a perfect sign-in solution for VR and AR. It is 400X more secure than fingerprint and provides great user experience. Show your palm and you are in, easy and secure.



cognitiveVR provides 3D spatial analytics and user feedback tools for virtual and augmented reality. We enable organizations to quickly and easily display 1:1 replays, analysis, and aggregation of their users' sessions on our web dashboard, as well as collect deep metrics on user behaviour and feedback.



WhirlwindVR builds Vortx, the first non-contact immersive speaker for VR. Imagine feeling the heat of a dragon’s breath or the impact of a grenade blast. Vortx controls airflow, temperature and pressure tied to your favorite games, experiences and videos. Feeling is believing!


VR Sports

We're showing off our game Smackitball for the 3rd year in a row.


Cubicle Ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is a creative design agency that crafts powerful Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. We've helped Microsoft, IBM, the U.S. Government, and dozens of others bring their first VR apps from idea to launch. How can we help you? Our own VR product is Guided Meditation VR. Experience a relaxing virtual vacation with the world's leading VR health and wellness app. Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life.


Tactical Haptics

Tactical Haptics is revolutionizing gaming in virtual reality (VR) with haptic game controllers that provide natural and intuitive touch feedback that is more realistic than industry-standard Rumble (vibration) feedback and creates great VR experiences. Realistic touch feedback is a critical element for creating immersive experiences and is currently missing from virtual reality (VR) and video games. The company is currently working to make developer kits available.



Share a room and the web with anyone in the world! Attend or create events, share web content with others in real time, browse the web, and play web powered 3D apps. AltspaceVR is a shared VR experience - a communication platform focused on natural communication, intuitive UI, and real-time sharing of web content. Users in AltspaceVR can watch Netflix or YouTube, play tabletop games, or give a presentation - together and entirely inside of VR.


Pico Interactive Inc.

Pico creates innovative VR technology solutions. With operations in San Francisco and China, we focus on hardware and software R&D, application development and cutting edge industrial product design. Pico develops premium VR products for consumers and businesses, and partners with content creators to bring amazing VR experiences to people everywhere.



OSSIC is the ultimate 3D listening experience. Our intelligent 3D audio platform redefines the way we hear in headphones by combining advanced calibration technology and seamless integration to your favorite devices. Hear music, movies, games, and virtual reality like never before.


High Fidelity

Open source software for creating, hosting, and exploring shared VR experiences.



Project Alice is a complete, multi-user VR solution utilizing motion capture, physical props and a large tracking space to deliver high quality, immersive environments for business clients.

more exhibitors & sponsors being added all the time


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