Berkely Frei

Berk Frei has made it his mission for the better part of 6 years to democratize 3D content creation. After many years working as a professional 3D artist creating animations for film, television and the medical field, in 2010, he founded the company Sandboxr. It married its consumer facing web-app with licensed game and film content, creating a custom merchandise experience for fans of popular properties like Halo, Smite and Enders Game. Berk realizes that with the emergence of new technologies like 3D printing and AR/VR, high-quality, custom, 3D content solutions are in ever greater demand. Since the beginning of 2015 he has built and led the team behind the Morph 3D character platform, which includes the products Morph Character System and Ready Room, both of which make custom, high-quality, character creation for game developers, AR/VR developers, and End-Users, affordable and easy.