Don Bland

Don Bland is a producer and entrepreneur with extensive experience creating cutting edge entertainment and capturing it with the latest advances in technology. A creative executive producer in the entertainment industry and technology entrepreneur with a proven track record in developing multiplatform, award winning content for audiences globally. Specializing in building teams, business creation & development, designing workflows, and producing multimedia projects he is a visual systems expert who is well organized, and loves a good challenge.

He started off as an Editor on extreme sports documentaries for Warren Miller and then as a Cinematographer and Director of Photography specializing in non-fiction, documentary television shows. He earned 4 Emmy nominations and won the award for “Best Cinematography” for his work on Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch.” He has shot and produced over 500 hours of premium content for Discovery, National Geographic, History, Sony, NBC etc. Bland also has years of experience creating custom camera solutions and workflows for HD, 3D, 4K, and VR, adapted to handle the harshest elements on Earth and provide the best possible viewer experience.

In 2010 Bland helped launch 3net, a joint venture from Sony Corporation, Discovery Communications and IMAX Corporation to provide the first 3D television network. As Director of Production and Development, he was responsible for executing programming strategies for the development, commission, and production of original content. Bland created the largest library of original, native 3D programming available anywhere. Concurrently, he founded a 4K studio that produced some of the first UHD content and worked with the R&D teams at Sony to refine their cameras to this burgeoning format.

Most recently he served as SVP for Dragon Entertainment, a US/Chinese multimedia company. Dragon Entertainment is a global, IP‐based entertainment studio in Beijing and Los Angeles. Much like Marvel Entertainment brought comic books to the screen and merchandise to the masses, Dragon adapted Chinese mythology and stories for worldwide audiences. At Dragon, Bland ran creative teams in 4 countries as he created global media content that was monetized across multiple platforms. Beyond production, Bland was instrumental in the business development of the company and vetted acquisitions and mergers and JVs in China for Dragon Entertainment.

Don Bland is a University of Montana alumnus.