Isaac Cohen

Using the moniker ‘Cabbibo’, an homage to the late physicist Nicola Cabibbo, Isaac Cohen is a VR Artist exploring the new paradigms of user experience for headset displays. After working as a UX researcher and experimental artist at Leap Motion, Isaac began developing a series of experiments for the HTC Vive to test new forms of interaction design and game mechanics in VR.

He has also published an eclectic array of works ranging from audiovisual fact-learning apps and interactive experiences made from recursive algorithms, to real-time procedural music blogs where users traverse a universe of sound. Isaac is also responsible for a number of open source tools to help others create stunning, real-time graphics.

His work has been featured in various exhibitions and written about in such blogs as Intel’s Creator’s Project, Google Experiments, Polygon, Road to VR, The Wild Magazine, Mashable, The Future of Storytelling and Vice’s Thump. In addition to creating a plethora of experiences, He has also spoken as at VRLA, been featured on Voices of VR, and has written multiple posts about designing in VR. His VR work can be found at