Leonard Daly

Leonard Daly is President of Daly Realism, as an Internet Consultant working in 3D/VR system architecture and cloud computing based in Los Angeles. He is defining and building the capabilities for HTML and full VR support into the open source library X3DOM. He is writing the definition of the declarative open source language and is a major proponent of full DOM integration of all related web capabilities. Leonard is current and past chair of the Los Angeles Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH and has presented at numerous conferences (SIGGRAPH, Web3D, DrupalCon) and professional meetings and events. He co-authored (with Don Brutzman) the reference book _X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors_. The running thread through his professional career has been information visualization as he worked in oceanography, aerospace, electronic commerce, health care, and currently as an Internet consultant.