Riz Virk

Riz Virk is Head of Biz Dev at SLIVER.tv, a next generation esports entertainment platform. SLIVER.tv’s unique VR experience lets users watch the world’s most popular esports games in an immersive 360 environment. Riz is also the executive director of PlayLabs, a VR/AR accelerator at MIT (www.playlabs.tv). Prior to that, Riz oversaw development of mobile games for TV shows such as Grimm and Penny Dreadful, and Tap Fish, one of the most popular mobile games in the early days of the App Store (acquired by DeNA). As managing partner at Bayiew Capital, Riz was also an investor in Tapjoy, Telltale games, Pocket Gems, Funzio, Disruptor Beam, Discord and Free Range Games.