Education and VR Track

Track Chair: Shauna Heller

Lessons Learned Introducing VR in a High School

What surprised us, what didn't and what is our plan to evolve the program. Two years ago a team at the Marin County Office of Education began exploring how virtual reality could employed to engage students in a high school classrooms. We were particularly interested in investigating how VR could excite students about leaning who didn't do well in the traditional school setting. The student's response..Amazing! That is so cool! I want to do it again! A few early adopter teachers expressed an interest in VR and wanted to learn more about how VR could be used in their school, ...
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Can Virtual Experiences Create Real Learning?

For the past two years, foundry10 has put VR in over 40 schools, community centers, and universities all in an effort to better understand the role VR can play in learning. We have data from over 1,000 youth and their teachers that address the types of content they would find meaningful, what makes for good educational VR content, and how to engage students while still creating meaningful learning. In past years, we focused on the logistics of putting VR into educational settings, but the study this year was focused much more acutely on the factors that make content beneficial to ...
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Education And Virtual Reality

In late 2016 and early 2017 education emerged as an important area of focus and growth for modern virtual reality hardware manufacturers and platforms. Oculus announced a $10M commitment to education content. HTC launched 'VR For Impact' to support the creation of non-gaming and educational content. Google expanded its Expeditions program. However, as 2017 unfolds, there are more questions than answers as to what educating in virtual reality really means. How will VR exist in educational settings? What curriculum and content makes sense to develop? How will the hardware hold up under more frequent and repetitive use? What VR apps ...
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VR in AR: Students Using VR Technology to Solve Problems in Arkansas

The EAST program serves 20,000 students from 235 schools across 5 states. We give students access to technology such as: ArcGIS software, 3D printers, robotics, and Virtual Reality applications. We then challenge those students to use the technology to help solve problems in their community. This session focuses on applied virtualization in the K-12 environment. Using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications, EAST students are solving problems, completing service-projects, building themselves, and helping their community. Attendees will also be given the chance to learn more about the EAST Initiative, the methods we use to inspire sophisticated learning, and future plans ...
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Designing VR Learning Apps To Educate Curious Minds

Humans are born curious. We learn by experiencing everything around us. Creating compelling VR learning apps requires us to create worlds worthy of that curiosity. In this presentation Peabody award winning writer/producer Steve Holtzman takes you on his journey from making the Emmy award winning Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, starring Neil deGrasse Tyson, to creating immersive VR learning apps across multiple platforms. Steve shares tips with developers on how he and his MATTERvr co-founder, Daniel Gregoire, approach the creative and production process that allows them to produce high quality work on a tight deadline. Steve and Daniel have a lifetime ...
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