Building a Virtual Kyoto

KYOTO VR is a virtual reality production studio founded in 2016 that is dedicated to documenting and spreading the beauty of Kyoto to the world through true-to-life recreations of the city’s most beautiful and sacred spaces in fully immersive virtual environments. Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over 1000 years and today remains the cultural heart of the country, yet many of its gems remain hidden or inaccessible to outsiders and the traditional landscape is rapidly changing with the city’s modernization. The KYOTO VR team is working with local government and historical sites to preserve its cultural heritage and provide access to a larger audience. This talk will address our approach, techniques and how we will achieve our goal of bringing a re-imagined Kyoto to the metaverse.


Atticus Sims

Atticus Sims, the co-founder and CEO of KYOTO VR, has resided in Kyoto since 2007 and originally hails from Fort Worth, Texas. He has long been interested in business and emerging technology, and following his first VR experience in 2015 he began experimenting with photogrammetry. He launched KYOTO VR in June 2016 with film maker […]