Can Virtual Experiences Create Real Learning?

For the past two years, foundry10 has put VR in over 40 schools, community centers, and universities all in an effort to better understand the role VR can play in learning. We have data from over 1,000 youth and their teachers that address the types of content they would find meaningful, what makes for good educational VR content, and how to engage students while still creating meaningful learning. In past years, we focused on the logistics of putting VR into educational settings, but the study this year was focused much more acutely on the factors that make content beneficial to student learning. During this presentation, we will share the findings from our data so far, how they relate to the work that developers are doing, and what successful implementations of VR in the classroom look like.


Tom Swanson

Since the start of foundry10, Tom has been working on developing its understanding of how learning relates to technology, video games, and student choice. From organizing digital audio production programs to putting on tabletop game design courses, Tom has seen the diverse forms that learning can take from student to student.


Marc Pacampara

Program Development and Research, foundry10. Marc studied Sociology at Highline College. His interest in studying how people develop through the influence of their environment led him to one day teach. In his years in college, he developed a love for music and dance which he has pursued rigorously since. Over the years of performing he’s […]