Cinematic Bjork Experience

Analog have created a technically ambitious virtual reality experience for Björk’s track Notget, from her 2015 album Vulnicura. It forms part of Björk’s ongoing exploration of the creative potential of VR in the context of music and performance. Notget VR places the audience within the world of Vulnicura, allowing viewers to experience an emotive personal connection with the music, and with Björk herself. Within a dark, towering landscape, the viewer encounters Björk in avatar form, her appearance fragmenting and regenerating as she undergoes a metamorphosis throughout the performance. VR enables the viewer to explore the environment during the performance, as mist, motes and entities fill the space around Björk; the behaviour of these elements is determined by the viewer’s actions and responses to the piece.


Arvid Niklasson

Born in Sweden. Lives and works in London. Co-owner and director of Analog and leads the Realtime development at the studio.