Constructing the Social VR Web

Gavan Wilhite is the cofounder of AltspaceVR, the premiere app for hanging out with others in virtual reality. AltspaceVR also offers one of the fastest ways to build cross-platform games that have an automatic community. The AltspaceVR SDK is a way of making 3D websites that appear as holographic applications in a virtual world. We’ve used this for our Dungeons and Dragons’ game and other activities in AltspaceVR. SDK developers can use A-Frame components to manipulate a variety of native AltspaceVR resources and features, including architectural building blocks, particle effects, physically blocking colliders, positional sounds, and more! Additionally, we’ve ported over our Firebase synchronization functionality from the Three.js SDK. Come learn how you can build something today.

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Gavan Wilhite