Education And Virtual Reality

In late 2016 and early 2017 education emerged as an important area of focus and growth for modern virtual reality hardware manufacturers and platforms. Oculus announced a $10M commitment to education content. HTC launched 'VR For Impact' to support the creation of non-gaming and educational content. Google expanded its Expeditions program. However, as 2017 unfolds, there are more questions than answers as to what educating in virtual reality really means. How will VR exist in educational settings? What curriculum and content makes sense to develop? How will the hardware hold up under more frequent and repetitive use? What VR apps will work best inside and outside of a classroom? How do we track student progress and customize learning while also protecting student privacy?

Chaired by Shauna Heller, the SVVR Conference Education And VR track will explore these questions and many more with in-depth talks and presentations from some of the early pilot program pioneers and thought leaders who are developing and deploying VR learning applications into the school ecosystem. The track begins with a 20 minute over-view from Heller, who shares the current state of education and VR.


Shauna Heller

After a year and a half as a Developer Relations Specialist at Oculus, Shauna Heller founded Clay Park, the first VR strategy and advisory firm for institutions, corporations and developers. At Oculus, Shauna managed engagement with non-gaming VR developers across education, enterprise, advertising, music and medicine, to name but a few. Her work included spending […]