Expanding the VR Ecosystem

VR came into living rooms less than a year ago and has already captured the public imagination in a way that's reminiscent of other rapidly mass adopted technology such as HDTVs, smartphones and tablets. Yet VR's potential is greater than a single device category or computing platform. The immersion of VR and its application in areas ranging from games and entertainment to education and enterprise positions it as the next mass adopted medium. The question is, when will we get there? In this session, Chris Chin will discuss how Vive is accelerating the adoption of VR with both consumer and enterprise facing initiatives, and giving developers more ways to fund and monetize premium VR content.


Chris Chin

Chris Chin is Senior Director of VR Content at HTC Vive, where he leads the Healthcare and Education content verticals at Vive Studios. In addition to having spent over 15 years developing and producing interactive content at gaming companies like EA and Tencent, Chris has led a number of startups in the gaming, healthcare, and […]