Eye Tracking – Creating Natural and Intuitive Experiences in VR

With over 16 years of eye tracking expertise, Tobii is leading the industry’s efforts in implementing eye tracking into VR technology. Demonstrating the latest eye tracking in VR technology at SVVR, Joakim Karlén, Director of Product Management, VR and Middleware, Tobii Tech, will highlight how eye tracking technology can create intuitive and natural experiences in VR, and showcase current implementation by game developers and potential user integrations. Eye tracking is becoming a VR industry standard, and in this session Joakim will talk to the specific benefits this technology brings to users and its advantage for the industry as a whole.

During this session, attendees will learn about the specific benefits of eye tracking in VR, showing use cases for key stakeholders through examples of Tobii’s eye tracking immersion. Live demos with The Solus Project, one of the premier VR exploration games, and other partnerships will join the discussion to highlight eye tracking in VR – from the benefits and challenges to the case studies of successful integration in VR software.


Joakim Karlen

Joakim Karlén is Director of Product Management, VR and Middleware for Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking technology. Supporting Tobii Tech in defining and planning the company’s leading eye tracking products across the globe, Joakim is spearheading the company’s efforts in expanding eye tracking technology into the VR industry. Having worked in the technology […]