HADO is the eSports for Arcades/FECs!

HADO is the AR tech where meets eSports for Arcades/FECs!

We hosted the HADO World Cup 2016 that is World’s 1st Techno Sports League using AR technology “HADO”. In 2016 HWC, 100 Players Battled The Tournament, 20,000 + Audiences watched Tournament on Live Streaming, and $10,000 cash was awarded to the Champion Teams.

HADO World Cup 2017 Season will be starting in Summer so that HADO franchise Arcades/FECs can host the monthly Local League on site and players will compete for the prize of $30,000!

Sponsored session, presented by meleap.


Yukiharu Tomita

Yukiharu Tomita, COO, meleap inc. meleap inc. is an augmented reality entertainment startup founded in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. meleap has developed HADO, a combination motion sensor, smartphone and AR tracking solution for location-based entertainment centers. HADO is deployed in 60+ venues across 6 countries.