The Importance of Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Specular Theory was founded by Academy Award-winning visual effects artist and creative technologist Morris May and employs an adaptive storytelling approach to VR. Passionate for delivering impactful experiences that are exclusive to a virtual reality environment, this approach looks at each concept with a 360 perspective, ensuring that the storytelling not only lends itself to VR, but is amplified by it. Proprietary technology is custom-tailored for each individual project, bringing an immersive narrative-driven experience to projects for entertainment, advertising and beyond.  



Morris May

Morris May has been a special effects expert in the motion picture industry for more than 25 years. He has worked on 30+ Hollywood films, including two Academy Award winners: Spiderman II (which won for Best Visual Effects), and Happy Feet (Best Animated Feature Film). Morris has been CG supervisor for several films, such as […]