Lessons Learned Introducing VR in a High School

What surprised us, what didn't and what is our plan to evolve the program. Two years ago a team at the Marin County Office of Education began exploring how virtual reality could employed to engage students in a high school classrooms. We were particularly interested in investigating how VR could excite students about leaning who didn't do well in the traditional school setting. The student's response..Amazing! That is so cool! I want to do it again! A few early adopter teachers expressed an interest in VR and wanted to learn more about how VR could be used in their school, the Marin Community School, an alternative education school for at risk students. A pilot was established and is now up and running at the school. This session will highlight some of the lessons learned and where we go from here. A key factor in the wider adoption of VR/AR in education will be the production of data that supports the notion that VR/AR enhances learning.


Dane Lancaster

In Dane’s current role as Chief Technology Officer for the Marin County Office of Education, he is responsible for the technology infrastructure that supports the instructional and administrative systems used by Marin County’s 20 school districts and its 36,000 students. As 2015 chair of the California County Superintendents Educational Association’s Technology and Telecommunications Steering Committee […]