From Mock-up to Medium: Why VR is Doing Better Than We Think

After a seemingly lackluster year of high costs and low returns, the virtual reality industry has been dismissed as an overhyped novelty in 2016. However, as with any medium, growth comes gradually after the disappointment of unmet and unwarranted expectations. Despite lagging consumer adoption, growing innovation will lead the industry to earn just under $40 billion by 2020. Understand why and what opportunities 2017 will bring as SuperData’s head of VR strategy, Stephanie Llamas, presents the latest industry and consumer research from the leading provider of market intelligence on games, VR and interactive media. Attendees will walk away with hard data including worldwide VR revenue by platform, year-over-year comparisons and sales projections, as well as insights on what will drive consumer adoption, and the industry at large, going forward.


Stephanie Llamas

As VP, Stephanie oversees both quantitative and qualitative research design and products across all digital gaming and interactive media segments for the company. A digital industry veteran, she brings deep experience in digital media and academic research, where she focused on the sociopolitical history of video games. Stephanie is an advisor for the Casual Games […]