Monetization from Location-Based VR for Gaming Studios

We believe that VR Arcades will be critical to the growth of VR, since arcades provide the core of the VR experience without forcing the consumer to invest in expensive hardware or dedicated tracking space.

Currently, VR Arcades can leverage the existing infrastructure of distributors such as Steam and Oculus to their advantage, buying a game once and then selling playing time.

To help developers, we would like to introduce some of the thoughts that we have tried at COLOPL NI, and from there, would like to suggest some thoughts to the VR game companies.

This panel primarily covers high-end VR like SteamVR and Oculus.


Jikhan Jung

Social gaming executive, currently CEO of COLOPL NI, Inc, released 3 VR titles this year, along with mobile games. Executive Producer at Kabam, Co-founder, CEO of Gala-Net, Inc. operated multiple online games under the gaming portal �gPotato�, successfully sold its business to Webzen in Feb 2013.