Multifaceted Approach to Combating Harassment in VR

In an industry dominated by men, designing new features often means designing for experiences many of those men have never encountered. Determined to provide safe environments that encourage richer communication, a team comprised primarily of women developed AltspaceVR’s Space Bubble, a feature designed to give every user greater ability to control their personal space. Hear from the product manager of Space Bubble, Mary Mossey, on how to build products for a diverse audience and how the AltspaceVR team continues to address trolling and harassment in VR.


Mary Mossey

Mary Mossey is a product manager at AltspaceVR, a social VR company enabling people to do things together regardless of distance. People from around the world use the platform for a range of activities including language learning, tabletop gaming, and live comedy shows. She has been involved in a number of key features including partnership […]