New Developments in the OSVR Software Platform

In the past year, the OSVR software platform has been significantly enhanced in three main areas: - Code to assist in high-performance rendering, including asynchronous time warp, support of dual-port HMDs, graphics compositor and more. - Support of numerous new HMDs, peripherals and game engines - Additional of graphical front-end to simplify content usage and discovery, branding

This session will provide an overview of these new capabilities and cover enterprise and personal use cases where the OSVR software platform has been gaining significant traction.


Ryan A. Pavlik

Ryan A. Pavlik earned his BS in computer science and math at St. Norbert College, and his PhD with majors in human-computer interaction and computer science at Iowa State University in their Virtual Reality Applications Center. Since 2014, he has worked for Sensics, Inc. leading the design of the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) software framework, […]