Open Source Declarative VR/3D Environment

WebGL and three.js allowed browsers to display 3D content, but not everyone wants to write code for everything. Declarative languages like HTML bring these capabilities to more people. Any declarative language that is to run inside the browser must integrate and “play nicely” with all of the other technologies available. This presentation demonstrates X3DOM, an open-source environment that displays 3D and VR content using a declarative language and is fully integrated with the DOM. It delivers the cross-control of HTML tags and 3D/VR nodes, full interactivity in the environment, stereoscopic viewpoints, and loads models, textures, and animations from multiple sources, including glTF, XML, JSON. The presentation will show X3DOM in action with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and glTF. It will also show a comparison with other declarative languages. All code is open source and the presentation is posted online.


Leonard Daly