PANEL: AR and VR, Road to Success

How to succeed in AR and VR as a business.



David Gene Oh

Building a positive community for developers to succeed in augmented and virtual reality. David Gene Oh was born in San Francisco, and studied design at the California College of the Arts. He worked at Ubisoft, as the design brand controller of the Tom Clancy series of games. He’s also had senior roles in marketing, production […]


J.M Yujuico

JM is a 3-time founder that has built large scale companies from the ground up in varying industries. A sci-fi fan and lover of media and technology led him down the VR rabbit hole and to founding Vicarious. He sees the path to large scale consumer adoption coming from a product that leverages the most […]


Gunter S. Thompson (aka Dustin)

Gunter S. Thompson is host of Gunter’s Universe a virtual reality talk show attended and recorded LIVE in VR using the Social VR platform VRChat. Since April 2014 Gunter and his crew have hosted over 75 shows with guests from the VR and entertainment industries. Every week VR users from all over the world, donning […]


Berkely Frei

Berk Frei has made it his mission for the better part of 6 years to democratize 3D content creation. After many years working as a professional 3D artist creating animations for film, television and the medical field, in 2010, he founded the company Sandboxr. It married its consumer facing web-app with licensed game and film […]