PANEL: Khronos OpenXR: Converging Toward a Standard for Virtual Reality APIs

These are the early days of VR (let alone AR and MR), which presents both opportunity and challenge for developers, hardware manufacturers and users. Currently there are two open API standards, and several proprietary ones, with fundamental enough differences to provide unnecessary hurdles for developers, as well as engines. The OpenXR initiative is a coming together of the people behind these different standards with a common goal of finding a way to remove these obstacles and improve everyone’s experience.



Kaye Mason

Kaye Mason is a senior software engineer at Google and the API Lead for Google Daydream, as well as working on graphics and distortion. She is also the Specification Editor for the Khronos OpenXR standard. Kaye has a PhD in Computer Science from research focused on using AIs to do non-photorealistic rendering. She spent ten […]


Christopher Peri

Christopher Peri is a Director at Samsung Research America. He had worked on 3D and VR starting with the VFX1 back in 1995 including teaching a class on VRML. His master thesis at UC Berkeley, ‘Spatial Perception in Virtual Environments: Visual Cognition Gain with Head Mounted Displays’ focused on how spatial perception and memory are […]


Yuval Boger

Yuval (“VRguy”) joined Sensics in 2006 to help take VR from the lab to the market. Nearly a decade later, he brings his unique technical and market expertise to works with consumer electronics, industrial and academic leaders to help them shape the art of the possible in VR. He is a key architect of OSVR, […]


Lubosz Sarnecki

Lubosz Sarnecki is a Senior Software Engineer at Collabora and VR enthusiast since the DK1 days. Working on accelerating the adoption of Open Source software in a wide array of industries, Lubosz has been actively involved with the Open Source community, and especially the GStreamer multimedia framework, since 2011. After two successful stints in the […]


David Frerichs

David Frerichs has been involved in virtual reality and 3D graphics for over 25 years, including securing patents on virtual reality head tracking and shipping the first consumer HMD. His expertise spans hardware, software, and Web services. On the standards front, he has worked on VRML97, MPEG-4, 3GPP, and others. Most recently, Mr. Frerichs has […]