State of Aframe and WebVR: Joining Your Virtual World in Aframe with Multi-User Experiences

Virtual Reality is a new technology used for building realistic experiences for games, environments, content display as well as marketing. In this session, we will talk about Web Virtual Reality and the present state of it. We will talk about different use cases and the state of WebVR at present. The session will start with the present state of affairs of WebVR, its support in different browsers and then will roll into different use cases of WebVR and its applicability. We will then introduce Aframe, a declarative entity-component-system framework. In this talk, we will talk about what we can do with Aframe and WebVR right now with live demos and roll over to some experimental technologies and future roadmap and what's on the plate for near future. We will also see what multi-user Aframe looks like and what we can do with it.


Rabimba Karanjai

Rabimba Karanjai is a full-time graduate researcher, part-time hacker, and FOSS enthusiast. He is working towards getting his PhD at RICE and also loves to contribute in open source software. He has been a voluntary contributor with Mozilla in WebVR, Security and Emerging Technologies. He is also a Mozilla TechSpeaker and loves to chat with […]