AR/VR 101: Training for the VR Revolution

AR/VR 101: Training for the VR Revolution

Want to get started in VR/AR? Struggling with how to get serious about content creation? Or, just looking to understand the endless jargon (asynchronous timewarp, anyone)? Join the FusedVR team for a walk-through of how to jumpstart your VR/AR career. We’ll also discuss how to build your perfect team, our learnings from creating 50+ prototypes, and why now is a great time to get started from any background! All questions are welcome and encouraged!


Vasanth Mohan

Vasanth AKA Fuseman started the FusedVR Youtube channel in April 2016 in an effort to increase the number of people excited about creating VR content, specifically with the HTC Vive and Unity. Since then, he has worked at Udacity to develop the VR Nanodegree and recently also got Unity Certified. Prior to this, he did […]


Hassan Karaouni

Hassan’s favorite saying is “build the world you want to see” and he believes AR/VR are the best ways to do so. After winning a grant from Oculus, Hassan became set on helping everyone to build great AR/VR and joined FusedVR. Beyond, Hassan leads an initiative at Facebook engaging high schools and educators nationwide in […]