Transforming Healthcare With Virtual Reality

Opportunities for Virtual and Augmented Reality to transform the healthcare world are important and many. From physician training, collaboration, exposure to new treatments and techniques, to practicing on patient-specific anatomy, to pre-surgical planning, to automated disease detection and treatment, not to mention anxiety, phobia, PTSD, and pre-operative conditioning, the ability to improve patient's lives is enormous. John Lockhart from Penumbra, Inc., will describe a beta application for virtual collaboration, training, and teamwork practice between doctors in the minimally invasive surgery field, built in partnership with Sixense, and the enormous future potential behind this burgeoning technology.


John Lockhart

John has 20 years of healthcare medical device marketing and business experience with Guidant, Boston Scientific, and Penumbra including a start-up or two in between. He began his career as a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer with General Electric. During the last 10 years at Penumbra, John has launched many of the company’s flagship products including […]