Trials of Inventing a New Medium: A Micro-Panel with Viacom NEXT & Cabbibo

David Liu and Rob Ruffler have been driving VR initiatives across Viacom for over a year, recently shipping Sundance and SXSW favorites “Chocolate” and “The Melody of Dust”. In this micro-panel, the two creative executives from Viacom NEXT share their learnings and insights with groundbreaking VR artist Cabbibo, aka Isaac Cohen. With useful tips applicable to developers and designers, David, Rob and Isaac will candidly discuss how they see narrative and interactivity coming together to create engaging VR experiences.


David Liu

David Liu, Creative Director, Viacom NEXT As the Creative Director of Virtual Reality at Viacom NEXT, David steers the thought and vision for projects, bullish on the belief that VR will change lives in ways wonderful and strange. A champion for combinatorial creativity, he has designed and shipped AAA and indie games, directed television and […]


Rob Ruffler

Senior Director, Viacom NEXT. Fierce pinball competitor by night, by day Senior Director Rob Ruffler leads VR content and product development. Rob is strategically positioning Viacom NEXT to meet the entertainment needs of the next generation through building VR products, spotting emerging VR creators and building partnerships with key players in the space. Prior to […]


Isaac Cohen

Using the moniker ‘Cabbibo’, an homage to the late physicist Nicola Cabibbo, Isaac Cohen is a VR Artist exploring the new paradigms of user experience for headset displays. After working as a UX researcher and experimental artist at Leap Motion, Isaac began developing a series of experiments for the HTC Vive to test new forms […]