The Truth about Your Assets: A Crash Course in 3D Art for Virtual Reality

While many of the lessons in 3D modeling, animation, texturing, materials, and rendering apply for virtual and augmented reality applications, navigating and discussing the different areas of the asset creation pipeline can be a challenge.

In this workshop, we'll cover important topics related to designing and creating low-poly count 3D models, creating textures and materials that keep immersive apps performant, rigging and animations for user-controlled avatars, and how to bring your art together to create engaging, beautiful, and high-performance worlds for HMD technologies.


Jazmin Cano

Jazmin Cano has been developing 3D content for VR games and education since her first experience using DK1 in 2013. Most recently, she operates as High Fidelity’s Marketing and Events Coordinator, organizing hackathons and meetups in the virtual world and in person. While working in VR she has experience building worlds to be seen in […]


Suzanne Leibrick

VR Nanodegree Course Developer, Udacity