The Unique Requirements of VR for Public Attractions

A treadmill for home use won't survive more than a few days at a gym or health club where the usage parameters are much different. Similarly, VR goggles for home use are ill-suited to the special requirements of public attractions: amusement parks, arcades and shopping malls.

Building on experience gained during the process of building and deploying goggles in public attractions, this presentation will focus on the unique requirements and possible solutions for out-of-home VR.


Yuval Boger

Yuval (“VRguy”) joined Sensics in 2006 to help take VR from the lab to the market. Nearly a decade later, he brings his unique technical and market expertise to works with consumer electronics, industrial and academic leaders to help them shape the art of the possible in VR. He is a key architect of OSVR, […]