VR in AR: Students Using VR Technology to Solve Problems in Arkansas

The EAST program serves 20,000 students from 235 schools across 5 states. We give students access to technology such as: ArcGIS software, 3D printers, robotics, and Virtual Reality applications. We then challenge those students to use the technology to help solve problems in their community.

This session focuses on applied virtualization in the K-12 environment. Using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications, EAST students are solving problems, completing service-projects, building themselves, and helping their community.

Attendees will also be given the chance to learn more about the EAST Initiative, the methods we use to inspire sophisticated learning, and future plans for integrating this and other emerging technology into our classrooms.


James Hopper

James Hopper is the Development Coordinator for the EAST Initiative in Little Rock, Arkansas. He holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Harding University and a graduate degree in school psychology from the University of Central Arkansas. Prior to his time at EAST, he served as a federal law enforcement officer, and was the regional […]