VR As A Learning And Healing Tool In Medicine

As VR begins to be adopted across the enterprise and health care, it’s time to explore the impact the immersive medium can have on patient care and medical training. In this presentation, BioflightVR’s Rik Shorten addresses the steps it takes to design meaningful studies and gather useful metrics that will help prove out how VR can make a real social impact in areas of patient behaviors like smoking cessation, cognitive behavior therapy and chronic phobias, plus how it will impact medical training. Shorten will share knowledge from BioflightVR’s recent participation in several VR medical pilot programs aimed at learning how both patients and doctors benefit from immersive virtual reality technology.


Rik Shorten

Rik is an award-winning visual effects director and producer with over 20 years of design and animation experience. He is best known for creating the visually intense forensic CG style for CBS’s hit tv show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In 2010 his eight seasons of groundbreaking design work on CSI, which took medically accurate computer […]