When VR Meets 3D Printing and Scanning

We are entering a new digital age. We have seen the process of digitization of photography, music, book and other industries. Lets explore what is happening when products around us get digital - when VR and other 3D technologies collide!

As a result of using VR / AR with 3D printing and scanning technologies (1) we will see the democratization of product design. It will (2) also enable companies to use and take advantage of VR and 3D technologies finally, and we all can use fun, interactive, creative apps, finally. (3) We are going to have more personal, and better fitting arts, products, while having more fun and productive creation and product design processes.

VR should not be about gaming and entertainment only! It provides useful and engaging environment already. With new tools and apps we can get mainstream for practical and creative works.

Let's explore how!


Roland Manyai

Roland is CEO and founder of Leopoly 3D and has been in the 3D space since 2009. As founder of one of the most successful TEDx event series in Europe, he was inspired and engaged by 3D and VR, and joined Leonardo 3D and VR tech company. Very soon he found that one of the […]