Medical VR Track


Through the D’Mentia Lens: Virtual Reality Experience and eLearning to Improve Compassion in Family Caregivers of People with Dementia

Informal caregivers often experience psychological distress due to the changing functioning and behaviour of the person with dementia they care for. Improved understanding of the person with dementia increases feelings of competence and reduces psychological distress. To enhance understanding and empathy in caregivers, an innovative technology virtual reality intervention called Through the D’mentia Lens (TDL) was developed. TDL consists of a virtual reality simulation movie and e-course. A pilot study of TDL was conducted. Katherina Martín Abello Katherina Martín Abello is the Chief Digital Product & Innovation Officer in the Center of Innovation at the Trimbos Institute, The Netherlands Institute ...
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Transforming Healthcare With Virtual Reality

Opportunities for Virtual and Augmented Reality to transform the healthcare world are important and many. From physician training, collaboration, exposure to new treatments and techniques, to practicing on patient-specific anatomy, to pre-surgical planning, to automated disease detection and treatment, not to mention anxiety, phobia, PTSD, and pre-operative conditioning, the ability to improve patient's lives is enormous. John Lockhart from Penumbra, Inc., will describe a beta application for virtual collaboration, training, and teamwork practice between doctors in the minimally invasive surgery field, built in partnership with Sixense, and the enormous future potential behind this burgeoning technology. John Lockhart John has 20 ...
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PANEL: Improving the Human Condition through Virtual Reality: An Open Discussion

Virtual reality enables people to be immersed in carefully controlled computer-generated environments. This panel will involve an open discussion of how these environments can be used to improve the human condition across physical health, psychology, research and education. How can deep learning be used to analyze behavioral profiles and adapt environments in real time? Can we use social VR to enhance motivation and reward self-improvement through validation from others? What concepts from gamification will drive motivation to engage in physical rehabilitation? How will standardized environments change our ability to standardize interventions? What are the issues for bringing VR into real ...
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VR for Stress Inoculation: Transforming Patient Care at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

This session will offer a rare glance into one of the most high-profile VR Studies in the medical field. Project Braveheart is the first Virtual Reality study developed at LPCH, in partnerships with Virtual Ventures and Oculus. With a focus on stress inoculation, a psychotherapy method used to prepare patients with handling stressful situations successfully, the study aims to prepare children and their parents for what to expect before, during, and after life-changing heart surgery. The Pediatric Cardiology team at LPCH alongside a core team of VR and medical experts, sought to create an engaging way to reduce anxiety about ...
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VR As A Learning And Healing Tool In Medicine

As VR begins to be adopted across the enterprise and health care, it’s time to explore the impact the immersive medium can have on patient care and medical training. In this presentation, BioflightVR’s Rik Shorten addresses the steps it takes to design meaningful studies and gather useful metrics that will help prove out how VR can make a real social impact in areas of patient behaviors like smoking cessation, cognitive behavior therapy and chronic phobias, plus how it will impact medical training. Shorten will share knowledge from BioflightVR’s recent participation in several VR medical pilot programs aimed at learning how ...
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Medical Applications of VR and AR Technology

Medicine and health care will be one of the largest and deepest markets for virtual reality and augmented reality technology. This workshop will bring together the leading research scientists, clinicians, and entrepreneurs to discuss the opportunities and challenges of developing clinical and wellness products that leverage VR/AR. Examples will be provided demonstrating how VR/AR technology is being used to improve clinical assessments, promote wellness, revolutionize medical treatments, and revamp medical training. Walter Greenleaf, PhD Walter Greenleaf, PhD is a behavioral neuroscientist and a medical product developer. Walter is known internationally as an early pioneer in the medical application of virtual ...
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