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Koncept VR / Freedom360

Koncept VR is a production division of Freedom360, makers of the original 360° video camera mount. We offer professional grade 360° video content production as well as VR (Virtual Reality) development for head-mounted displays. Our team consists of cinematographers, producers, sound engineers and VR developers. With over 4 years of expertise in panoramic video projection and 360° video hardware to immersive cinema, we deliver unparalleled quality content in the 360° video category.



Leading innovation in 360-degree panoramic imaging, ImmerVision licenses its patented panomorph optical and software technology to global lens producers, product manufacturers and software developers. Panomorph lenses are the only ones that can be adapted to any camera, any sensor, and any consumer, commercial and government market. ImmerVision Enables is the recognized standard for 360-degree solutions and applications.



Panono is the 360° panoramic camera with the highest resolution (108MP / 16K x 8K equirectangular), High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR), a seamless user experience and full social media integration. The best choice for amazing panoramic 360° photography. Our customers use it for marketing, VR content production, journalism, social media or promoting real estate and hotels – but also for documenting construction sites, insurance claims, etc.


Kodak PIXPRO Digital Devices

We will be displaying and demonstrating the new Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Cameras, accessories and complimentary PIXPRO Desktop Editing Software and PIXPRO Stitch Software to create full spherical 360° VR videos.



Until today, a live VR video production workflow relied on an array of small cameras put together on a holder. Videographers then dealt with multiple cables, power supplies and a variety of small hardware components.

Orah removes these inefficiencies and numerous points of failure and lets them focus on what really matters to them for creating compelling content. Our team developed a solution that streams 4K resolution live virtual reality video to headsets–all with the push of a button. In addition, the ambisonic 3D sound capture capabilities of Orah enable the viewer of the content to locate the origin of the sound source with a VR headset, bringing the feeling of immersion to a stunning new level.


OZO Expertly created. Intelligently designed. Purpose-built. OZO is the world’s first professional Virtual Reality camera . Experience the worlds first live monitoring VR camera Live at SVVR Expo!