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Leap Motion

Leap Motion’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology. Leap Motion’s unprecedented hand tracking lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. The company is currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.


Sixense Entertainment Inc

Founded in 2007, Sixense Entertainment, Inc. is a privately held company of developers, engineers, experts and enthusiasts in the virtual reality (VR), 3D modeling and entertainment, industries that share a passion for creating products that revolutionize the way we experience VR content. Sixense develops technology and software to deliver full-body “presence” in virtual reality for all head-mounted displays (both mobile and desktop).


uSens Inc.

Silicon Valley based uSens Inc. creates 3D Human-Computer Interaction solution for augmented and virtual reality. As a domain expert in 3D graphics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, uSens is one of the first companies to provide inside-out 3D hand tracking as well as 6DOF head position tracking for both mobile and tethered AR/VR systems, allowing end users to immerse in the most naturally interactive digital experience named as “Super Reality”.

Praevidi – TURRIS

Praevidi provides VR Locomotion Solutions. The Praevidi turris is a seated, cable tangle-free, highly nimble, and hands-free locomotion solution for VR. The turris is a compact VR mobility solution that is not only fast, efficient, and effortless for movement — the turris also nearly silent in operation and keeps the user centered, comfortable, and focused, thereby greatly reducing potential VR-induced motion sickness allowing for lengthy and more deeply immersed VR experiences.


Tactical Haptics

Tactical Haptics is revolutionizing gaming in virtual reality (VR) with haptic game controllers that provide natural and intuitive touch feedback that is more realistic than industry-standard Rumble (vibration) feedback and creates great VR experiences. Realistic touch feedback is a critical element for creating immersive experiences and is currently missing from virtual reality (VR) and video games. The company is currently working to make developer kits available.



Explore full showrooms of products from the ninth hole of a golf course. Walk-through 15 homes in 15 minutes. Visualize and design architecture before it’s even built. Our patented platform and products make it possible.



VirZOOM creates thrilling VR experiences powered by you. Pedal your VirZOOM Controller to propel yourself through endlessly exciting VR games. Power a horse in a race, a tank in battle, a fire-breathing dragon through mountains. Patent pending software controls keep you feeling good. A workout without the work.



VicoVR Sensor is a game-changing Bluetooth accessory that brings wireless full-body tracking capability to Android and iOS VR — without a PC, wires, or wearable sensors!


Tactonic Technologies

Tactonic Technologies is an early stage high technology startup company focused providing VR developers and their users new and fantastical modes of interaction to allow for the exploration of vast virtual worlds safely and cost effectively. The Tactonic HovrMat is a very low profile mat, which includes software to track weight shift and movement data and emulate standard controllers with software available in C#, C++ and Unity.



Project Alice is a complete, multi-user VR solution utilizing motion capture, physical props and a large tracking space to deliver high quality, immersive environments for business clients.


Vizuality Studio

Vizuality Studios harnesses the power of virtual reality with the natural freedom of movement which, when combined, transports you to a different level of immersion.

Get ready for a revolution in reality with custom built wireless VR headsets,motion capture studio and custom-built 4D motion platforms to take you to a whole new level of immersion.

Our applications can be adapted to a broad spectrum of VR environments including training and simulation, gaming, architecture and design, virtual tourism and events.

Vizuality Studios are embarking on an ambitious plan to roll out a number of professional VR studios available for hire across Europe and beyond.

The studios provides the opportunity for businesses to experiment with VR, enabling the commercial market to fully understand the benefits of contemporary commerce and discover how the virtual world can enhance their product offerings. The Virtual Arcades provides a new way of entertainment combining multi-users, re-usable space with motion capture studios, custom wireless headsets and wireless props. Custom developed 4D motion platforms and pods to provides unique simulation experiences.


Oculus lets you experience anything, anywhere through the power of virtual reality. Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, provide the most immersive VR experiences, from games and movies, to 3D 360 videos and beyond, all available in the Oculus Store.