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“White Label” Enterprise VR OTT Media Player solution for mobile VR, enabling businesses, brands and organizations to extend/expand their online video offering to the VIrtual Reality, supporting 2D, 3D and 360-degree formants, Live and On-Demand. Video streams can be consolidated from YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove and other OTT platforms.


Leap Motion

Leap Motion’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology. Leap Motion’s unprecedented hand tracking lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. The company is currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.



VRCommerce – E-Commerce platform for Virtual Reality. We are like “Shopify of VR”. Using VRCommerce platform retailers can launch virtual reality store to sell products in VR. There are two kind of VR stores retailers can launch – Complete Virtual Store and 360 photo store. We are bay area based startup.


TheWave is a VR creation platform for aspiring­to­professional electronic musicians,
enabling them to host shows for the millions of electronic music fans world wide from
anywhere, at any time, to as many fans as they want. By democratizing live music,
TheWave will disrupt and revitalize the lagging music industry. Think of it as VR
Spotify meets Twitch.



V is a widget and utility platform that lets you take your favorite digital services like Slack, Spotify, and Youtube into any VR experience.



Vizor.io is a platform for creating, publishing and discovering VR on the Web. With an innovative interface designed for VR from the ground up, it’s a whole new way to create. Being Web native allows VR experiences to be shared on social media or embedded on sites and blogs in a way that fits into existing publishing systems. Everything is immediately multi-platform, and also works on the 2D web and mobile devices, so you can reach the widest possible audience.


EASE is the experience analytics intelligence engine designed from the ground up to drastically improve bi-directional, real time reactivity and evolution of immersive VAM (virtual-augmented-mixed) reality apps and IoT environments — through behavior, sensors and AI.



Fabric is the Virtual Reality Platform for Art that brings artists and art lovers to the power of VR. It publishes and distributes mindblowing art content that is only possible because of this new medium. Fabric consists of a great team of VR developers, and with the art world connections of CEO Philip Hausmeier brings a large network of established artists and curators to the VR industry. With the start of its platform in the fall of 2016 Fabric will push the possibilities of art in VR.



SpaceSys is the Virtual Reality Computing Platform.

We enable users to control their whole operating system inside Virtual Reality.
Anyone in need of multiple displays benefits using SpaceSys as it allows having as many as you want inside VR environment.

SpaceSys not only boosts your productivity, but also cuts down costs of hardware, energy and manpower in enterprise.


Mimesys is the first holographic communication platform.
We provide a SDK to integrate easily life-scale conversation between holographic humans in any VR or AR project. Yeah, like Star Wars. Less blueish though.


MiddleVR is a software company providing immersive virtual reality applications, tools and services. We are specialized in the creation of professional VR applications! With our simple but powerful Unity plugin ‘MiddleVR for Unity’ you can create and experience interactive & immersive VR applications in just a few minutes! We also offer Improov3, a platform for collaboration in VR, which gives users the possibility to load multiple 3D models and view them at scale one in virtual reality.



InstaVR is a web-based authoring tool that enables anyone to quickly and easily author publish-ready interactive VR apps for all mobile and desktop platforms as native application.

InstaVR can be used in a variety of ways to allow a wider set of audiences to experience locations (e.g. real estate, tourism, photography, travel), products (e.g. automotive tours, furniture, etc.), and events (e.g. weddings, concerts, sports).



Share a room and the web with anyone in the world! Attend or create events, share web content with others in real time, browse the web, and play web powered 3D apps. AltspaceVR is a shared VR experience – a communication platform focused on natural communication, intuitive UI, and real-time sharing of web content. Users in AltspaceVR can watch Netflix or YouTube, play tabletop games, or give a presentation – together and entirely inside of VR.



Immersv is an early stage firm founded by the team that created the largest app distribution platform on Facebook and then again on iOS and Android. We are building a platform for mobile VR to serve content developers.



Built from the ground up to build an open ecosystem within the VR industry, the OSVR software platform is designed to bring all aspects of the industry – input devices, content and output – together. Technology aside it is also a B2B platform focused on collaboration and innovation , bringing everyone together in the industry to collectively work towards a Virtual Reality enabled future.



ROBLOX is building the future of entertainment as the largest user-generated online gaming platform with over 15 million games and experiences created by users. Everyday virtual explorers come to ROBLOX to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment. ROBLOX is accessible from all popular mobile devices, computers, Xbox and now VR.



Oculus lets you experience anything, anywhere through the power of virtual reality. Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, provide the most immersive VR experiences, from games and movies, to 3D 360 videos and beyond, all available in the Oculus Store.