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“White Label” Enterprise VR OTT Media Player solution for mobile VR, enabling businesses, brands and organizations to extend/expand their online video offering to the VIrtual Reality, supporting 2D, 3D and 360-degree formants, Live and On-Demand. Video streams can be consolidated from YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove and other OTT platforms.



VRCommerce – E-Commerce platform for Virtual Reality. We are like “Shopify of VR”. Using VRCommerce platform retailers can launch virtual reality store to sell products in VR. There are two kind of VR stores retailers can launch – Complete Virtual Store and 360 photo store. We are bay area based startup.


TheWave is a VR creation platform for aspiring­to­professional electronic musicians,
enabling them to host shows for the millions of electronic music fans world wide from
anywhere, at any time, to as many fans as they want. By democratizing live music,
TheWave will disrupt and revitalize the lagging music industry. Think of it as VR
Spotify meets Twitch.


Evox Images

For over 20 years, Evox has been the pioneer and industry leader for innovative, high quality automotive images. We service over 17 Auto OEMs, +22k dealer sites, all 6 major dealer solutions providers, 8 top shopping portals and more. For nearly 3 years, Evox has been creating VR solutions to revolutionize the car shopping experience. Since January 2015, every car is produced for VR. Evox produced the MINI VR Films GearVR app and the successful GearVR app RelayCars.



realities.io brings fascinating places from the real world 1:1 into Virtual Reality. By utilizing large scale photogrammetry and the power of modern game engines, realities.io offers unrivaled visual fidelity and unmatched performance for interactive, photorealistic VR experiences.


Artlord China

Artlord China is a VR storytelling studio Located in Beijing and Kaohsiung, we are working with some of the best talents and storytellers in the field to explore the endless possibilities of narrative virtual reality.

VR Nerds

VR Nerds is a Hamburg based VR collective of enthusiast, creators and journalists with the showcase vrnerds.de, serving the German speaking community. Their core product nearbyVR connects the scene worldwide to achieve quality VR experiences for everyone nearby. Next to innovative business solutions VR Nerds is working on the experimental VR project Lucid Trips, developing an alternative locomotion method named handwalking to float ‘n fly through virtual worlds beyond roomscale or teleportation.


Reverie is a production company that creates limit pushing content for new media outlets. Currently, the company is focused on VR content and boasts a young but experienced team. Reverie offers in depth consultation and production assistance to companies interested in creating their own VR content. Here at SVVR, Reverie is proud to present AXIOM, our latest project. AXIOM is an entirely original user experience in which the participant’s actions will control the course that the experience takes.



Fabric is the Virtual Reality Platform for Art that brings artists and art lovers to the power of VR. It publishes and distributes mindblowing art content that is only possible because of this new medium. Fabric consists of a great team of VR developers, and with the art world connections of CEO Philip Hausmeier brings a large network of established artists and curators to the VR industry. With the start of its platform in the fall of 2016 Fabric will push the possibilities of art in VR.


Koncept VR / Freedom360

Koncept VR is a production division of Freedom360, makers of the original 360° video camera mount. We offer professional grade 360° video content production as well as VR (Virtual Reality) development for head-mounted displays. Our team consists of cinematographers, producers, sound engineers and VR developers. With over 4 years of expertise in panoramic video projection and 360° video hardware to immersive cinema, we deliver unparalleled quality content in the 360° video category.



MakeVR is a fully immersive 3D content creation experience. Its natural style of interaction lets anyone, regardless of age or experience level, step into a virtual modeling environment and start building cool 3D objects and worlds on Day One. MakeVR was designed and developed from the ground up for full immersion. A pair of tracked controllers (STEM) and head-mounted display (Rift) give you a sense of presence that makes content creation a fun and engaging experience.



izmocars is the market leader in producing Interactive media content for the automotive industry. Going beyond CGI and VR, we are working on creating complete new models of user engagement as a part of the sales process. Our core expertise in CGI and VR coupled with our domain knowledge in the automotive sector enables us to deliver complete solutions to our clients. izmocars is now presenting a “Virtual Retailing” concept for automotive – an immersive experience that will transform the way we make car buying decisions.



cognitiveVR provides 3D spatial analytics and user feedback tools for virtual and augmented reality. We enable organizations to quickly and easily display 1:1 replays, analysis, and aggregation of their users’ sessions on our web dashboard, as well as collect deep metrics on user behaviour and feedback.


Midas Touch Games

Midas Touch’s Physics Engine features the state of the art mechanical skeleton simulation engine, APEngine, and the biological creature simulation engine, ACEngine. APEngine and ACEngine combined will fuel the next generation of VR content populated with highly interactable and physically realistic virtual characters and complex machines.


Interactive Lab

Interactive Lab is a production house of interactive installations for marketing needs. The company has over 8 years of experience in different technological spheres and now is fully keen on virtual reality. After developing first VR cinema in Russia in 2015 Interactive Lab developed it’s first free roam VR project – MoveInVR. MoveInVR – is a way for people to achieve virtual wolds using all kinds of human’s motions: head rotates and walking. The more you can taste at SVVR…



Yeltic develops virtual reality experiences for training and education that place users in engaging and realistic VR environments to foster ludic learning or specific missions/objectives to develop specific competences or drive behavioral change.

Our simulators provide key benefits: full tracking of user activity, effective learning, and reduced costs compared to traditional education. Yeltic VR is ideal for job training in a wide range of industries: armed forces, healthcare, manufacturing.



MiddleVR is a software company providing immersive virtual reality applications, tools and services. We are specialized in the creation of professional VR applications! With our simple but powerful Unity plugin ‘MiddleVR for Unity’ you can create and experience interactive & immersive VR applications in just a few minutes! We also offer Improov3, a platform for collaboration in VR, which gives users the possibility to load multiple 3D models and view them at scale one in virtual reality.



InstaVR is a web-based authoring tool that enables anyone to quickly and easily author publish-ready interactive VR apps for all mobile and desktop platforms as native application.

InstaVR can be used in a variety of ways to allow a wider set of audiences to experience locations (e.g. real estate, tourism, photography, travel), products (e.g. automotive tours, furniture, etc.), and events (e.g. weddings, concerts, sports).


Cubicle Ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is a creative design agency that crafts powerful Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. We’ve helped Microsoft, IBM, the U.S. Government, and dozens of others bring their first VR apps from idea to launch. How can we help you? Our own VR product is Guided Meditation VR. Experience a relaxing virtual vacation with the world’s leading VR health and wellness app. Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life.



Share a room and the web with anyone in the world! Attend or create events, share web content with others in real time, browse the web, and play web powered 3D apps. AltspaceVR is a shared VR experience – a communication platform focused on natural communication, intuitive UI, and real-time sharing of web content. Users in AltspaceVR can watch Netflix or YouTube, play tabletop games, or give a presentation – together and entirely inside of VR.



ROBLOX is building the future of entertainment as the largest user-generated online gaming platform with over 15 million games and experiences created by users. Everyday virtual explorers come to ROBLOX to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment. ROBLOX is accessible from all popular mobile devices, computers, Xbox and now VR.


Transmedia Entertainment

We like to think of Transmedia as the perfect storm of Entertainment, Technology, Storytelling and Design. Transmedia Entertainment is a “one stop shop” for your technically creative projects! Either alone, or together with our diverse partners, we provide a range of highly skilled, personalised, hands-on media and technology services including: transmedia, virtual and augmented reality development; mobile, console and desktop game development as well as interactive and traditional productions.


Pico Interactive Inc.

Pico creates innovative VR technology solutions. With operations in San Francisco and China, we focus on hardware and software R&D, application development and cutting edge industrial product design. Pico develops premium VR products for consumers and businesses, and partners with content creators to bring amazing VR experiences to people everywhere. pico-interactive.com



Vintage action RPG on VR / VR Games for hardcore gamers / cross-platform experience / interactive drama – action RPG mash-up.

Future Lighthouse

Time travelers. Builders of worlds. Psychonauts.
We are a virtual reality studio. We’ve been telling stories for years and now we do it in VR. Sometimes, they are our own stories: that’s our fiction branch, based in Los Angeles. Sometimes, it’s other people’s stories. We work with brands, agencies and companies to create stunning virtual reality experiences. We have also produced one of the firsts VR episodes of a TV show ever created (El Ministerio del Tiempo).



Full service 360° Virtual Reality video production. Focused on creating original immersive skill training and meditation for Virtual Reality.
We enable experts and coaches to create and distribute VR training content, while helping users learn new skills more effectively through VR.



Reverge VR is an Augmented and Virtual Reality production company. They get hired by Film Studios, Marketing Agencies and Entertainment companies to create visually engaging and immersive brand experiences.



Action, travel or entertainment – VR production house Spherica creates panoramic video of outstanding quality that changes the game. Never-before-seen, 360-degree footage comes from a moving camera – a drone or a dolly – and immerses the user to a degree impossible with the industry-standard static mount. One of a kind, proprietary stabilization technology allows for a natural user experience. Spherica introduces the full spectrum of smooth camera movement into the VR filmmaking industry.




“Monowheels VR” (working title) is a racing/combat first-person game, it’s like Road Rash for VR. A multiplayer competitive game for all the main virtual reality platforms.


Vizuality Studio

Vizuality Studios harnesses the power of virtual reality with the natural freedom of movement which, when combined, transports you to a different level of immersion.

Get ready for a revolution in reality with custom built wireless VR headsets,motion capture studio and custom-built 4D motion platforms to take you to a whole new level of immersion.

Our applications can be adapted to a broad spectrum of VR environments including training and simulation, gaming, architecture and design, virtual tourism and events.

Vizuality Studios are embarking on an ambitious plan to roll out a number of professional VR studios available for hire across Europe and beyond.

The studios provides the opportunity for businesses to experiment with VR, enabling the commercial market to fully understand the benefits of contemporary commerce and discover how the virtual world can enhance their product offerings. The Virtual Arcades provides a new way of entertainment combining multi-users, re-usable space with motion capture studios, custom wireless headsets and wireless props. Custom developed 4D motion platforms and pods to provides unique simulation experiences.