Oculus Quest Travel Case Comparison

VR experiences are becoming increasingly popular. Enjoying one means obtaining a VR headset to meet your needs. The Oculus Quest, which Facebook launched in May 2019, has garnered much support from both customers and developers.

There are numerous experiences available in its lineup, and the catalog seems to be continuously expanding. As an Oculus Quest owner, you may want to travel with your device to enjoy your experience with others elsewhere.

This need is where a travel case comes into the mix. You want to be able to safely and efficiently transport your headset to your destination, so that you can enjoy local and cross-play experiences on the go.

Our Top Recommendations


JSVER Oculus Quest Shell Case

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Designed specifically for the Oculus Quest
  • Hard outer shell protects against shocks, impacts, and dust

Esimen Fashion Quest Travel Case 

Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Includes carrying strap
  • Extremely stylish
  • Two internal pockets for accessories

Aenllosi Hard Shell Travel Case

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

  • Spacious case with a "toolbox" like feel
  • Includes internal mesh pocket for accessories

Why You Should Get an Oculus Quest Travel Case

There are a couple of reasons that you should consider getting yourself an Oculus Quest travel case. Thankfully, the device is naturally conducive to portability, since it provides an unattached VR experience with no external sensors the speaker of.

While it is incredibly mobile, it is also a sensitive device. The lenses are most notable where a need for protection is concerned. While you may not be very rough with your device at home, there is no telling what kind of shakeup could occur during transport. Of course, other components need protection too, and an appropriate travel case can provide this.

Accessory accessibility is another good reason for getting an Oculus Quest travel case. It's nice to have your headset, but there are also the touch controllers and even smaller necessities, such as spare batteries that you may want to have handy. A travel case can provide the extra space you need without becoming a huge inconvenience.

Speaking of convenience, this is another essential reason to have a dedicated travel case for your device. Technically speaking, you could place your Oculus Quest and its associated peripherals and accessories in any regular box or bag.

However, the amount of space may not be ideal for the headset, and you may end up burdening yourself with an extra bag that you did not intend to carry. Travel cases are compact and provide the perfect amount of space for your needs.

What Should You Look for in an Oculus Quest Travel Case?

Now that you understand the need for the case, the next matter is the features to look for.

The first feature is the fit. Remember that you want a travel case that provides the perfect amount of space without becoming cumbersome. Therefore, everything that you need to transport should fill up your travel case. If there is a large amount of room remaining, then a smaller case may be suited to you.

Protective capability is the next consideration. There should be secure compartments for the headset and its associated components. Note that it's best to select one that features a strap to keep the headset from moving around during transport. Waterproof casing is also a plus.

Since the idea is greater portability, the last thing you want is an Oculus Quest case that weighs you down. It's typically best to go for a lighter option that provides the best mix of the functionality that you need.

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