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Oculus Quest Face Pad Replacememt

After spending the afternoon playing with your Oculus Quest, you remove the headset. Immediately, you feel the pressure on your face dissipate, as you put it down on the table and fit the lens cover.

That was a good gaming session, but the standard face pad on the Quest leaves your cheeks feeling tender. Is there any way to make your gaming more comfortable?

Oculus Quest Face Pad Reviews - Our Top Recommendations


HeadsetAMVR VR Facial Leather Foam Face Cover 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Made of PU Leather
  • Easy intallation 
  • Anti-leakage nose pad

VR Face Silicone Cover Mask & Face Pad for Oculus Quest

Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Washable
  • Anti-sweat
  • Made of high quality eco friendly silicone

KIWI design VR Leather Foam Face Cover Pad

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

  • Sweat proof and sanitary
  • Enhanced field of view
  • Unique vent design

Why Do You Need a Oculus Quest Face Pad?

The face pad on your Quest has several functions. First, it acts as a barrier between the lenses and your eyes, providing you with the optimal distance to the lenses for an immersive VR experience. Second, the padding prevents light leaks around the bridge of your nose and below your eyes. Third, the face pad ensures you have a comfortable gaming session.

Original or Aftermarket Face Pad for the Oculus Quest?

The face pad on the Oculus Quest is somewhat comfortable. However, many users report issues with the padding compressing with use, and it absorbs sweat. After a few months, you’ll need to replace that standard face pad with another model. That’s gaming – they always get you with the accessories.

You have the option of going with an original Oculus face pad or an aftermarket model. Either one works in the headset, and it’s all about your personal preference for using the device. Most aftermarket models follow the same design as the original equipment, so you don’t have to worry about light leaks.

However, there are a few aftermarket models that are more comfortable to wear than the original equipment. If you find that the standard fit of the Quest right out of the box feels tight on your face, then you’ll enjoy an aftermarket face pad. Go for a model that offers plenty of cushioning.

Unpacking the Oculus Quest Face Pad

The original replacement kit for your Quest face pad, available from Oculus, features the following.

  • 1 x Black Facial-Interface
  • 1 x PU Standard Leather-Foam Replacement
  • 1 x PU Comfort Leather-Foam Replacement

The “comfort” model has more padding. If you’re looking to reduce the pressure on your face, this model works well. However, some people might have an issue with their eyes being further away from the lenses, minimizing the VR experience.

There are plenty of other VR accessory brands offering replacement face pad kits for your Quest. Some pads or kits might cost more than the original equipment, so choose carefully.

Oculus Quest Face Pad – Pricing

The standard Oculus face pad kit retails at $29 on the official company website. Most aftermarket models are available at half that price. However, some brands offer face pads with a better fit than the original. These models can be as expensive as the original equipment, and some models cost more!

If you’re buying an aftermarket face pad for your Quest, make sure it comes with a sweat-resistant covering. After you’re gaming session, you wipe down the face pad, fit your lens cover, and you’re Oculus is ready for your next gaming session whenever you are.

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